Welcome to my website 


I am a Profesional Video DJ


Jive Dance Teacher

Based in

Rhayader Mid Wales

I moved here in June 2015 

My Weekly Modern Jive Classes in Mid Wales are….

Llandovery, Carmarthenshire - Mondays

Newbridge on Wye, Powys -  Wednesdays

Plus Friday Night Mid Wales Rock’n;Roll Club Jive Dances 

with  classic 50s Rock & Roll, Swing Jive 

and Modern Jive dancing all night

On the 4th Friday of every month at 

The Castle Hotel Llandovery

Coming Soon a Regular dance venue 

in the Rhayader area

Regular DJ bookings at 

Castle Hotel Llandovery

Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells

The Cornhill Inn, Rhayader

Stag Inn, Llanidloes

Glen Usk Hotel Llandrindod Wells

Regular clients throughout Surrey.


 Video DJ bookings or themed nights at 

 in Mid Wales or Beyond

And Of Course

DJ bookings for 

Significant Birthdays



(Sorry I do not DJ kids parties)

As a Video DJ I provide 


Playing Party anthems from 

40s Swing to to current chart

showing big screen music videos with every track I play. 


I am a Specialist VIDEO DJ for

60s - 70s - 80s Parties 

 Motown & Soul Events

50s Rock & Roll Nights

Vintage &/or themed nights.


Club Classics - Disco Dayz

 School Disco - 50s Rock & Roll 

Jive Nights (R&R - Ceroc/Leroc - Swing Jive)

Valentines - Halloween

 Bond to Abba




Vintage Montage

Like most DJ's I provide entertainment for Weddings, 

But majority of my bookings are for 

Birthdays, Anniversaries and 

Themed vintage or Retro events

Plus, Seasonal Party Nights Christmas NYE etc. 

I have also provided Hotel Entertainment for the many               

Coach tour visitors to my hometown off Eastbourne

ebn 1

Eastbourne Seafront & Hotels

For more information 

please check out my other pages 

or My facebook page


I welcome advance playlists and music requests on the night of the party at all my bookings

Also your music requests are always welcome either in advance or on the night however  I do not like 'Entire Set lists' picked in advance by others (unless there is a specific reason ), as in my experience this has a poor success rate.

Playlists of a about 30 tracks (max) which include your favourite party and background music tracks are very welcome,  as are details on the era/style/genre of music played at your party. I always encourage music requests on the night.

[Or any style/genre/track you DO NOT want played] 

I am always available for a pre-event meeting to discuss music set-up etc.

*I do not take any bookings where the video s are not required  (there are 1000s of great audio only DJ's to choose from in the UK, but only a few specialist Video DJ’s like myself) 

IMG 1134

My Video DJ Set-up is very adaptable and is suitable for small venues of 60 people,  larger capacity halls for 600

or venues requiring multiple screens in different locations - providing venue layout is suitable fore this 


I always need space for the screens etc and ideally 1-2 hour set up time with an hour to clear (sometimes more) at the end of the night


I provide VERY high quality audio & visual equipment As every track I play is accompanied with the original artist music video or performance track - yes every track I play, including music from the 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s through to todays chart hits. 

video DJ vintage promo

50s 60s 70s 80a B O R

I have had 

clients in









Isle of Wight















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