Jive Dance Teacher & DJ

ABOUT ME……………….

Between 1998 & 2005 I was a Modern Jive (Ceroc/Leroc) dance teacher & DJ.

I ran my own club in Hastings at The Phoenix Arts Centre from 1998 till 2005 and amongst the 100s of people that started in my classes includes majority of the now teachers in the area

I was the first teacher in the UK to introduce and start  teaching the moves we called 'Dips Drops & Seducers' at weekenders

A lot of the (Dips & Drops) moves being taught today were developed by me (along with Maria, Anita & Alina)

I was also the first teacher to bring the Awesome Foursome format to weekenders, initially at Camber in 2003 with Dan, Nicki & Lou (in fact Lou was the one that came up with the 'Awesome Foursome' title.

Awesome Foursome is basically two couples dancing together and sharing standard modern Jive moves.

So it is easy to learn, easy to teach, easy to put a routine together and LOADS of fun

My modern Jive DJ'ing was even busier than my teaching, the music I played covered popular MJ standards plus plenty of  smooth swing & late night blues music.

This led to booking for most of the UKs major dance organisers (including Ceroc)  bookings at most of the major weekenders and events, overseas bookings and UK  MJ competitions

Between 2005 - 2012 I moved away from MJ to focus on 50s Rock & Roll teaching, DJ'ing running clubs in Eastbourne & Twickenham, plus putting on Band Nights at the very popular Winning Post Rock & Roll Club in SW London

Just some of the events I have taught and DJ'd at are listed below

Modern Jive In 







Salsa/Salsa Jive in

Breen Sands


50s Rock & Roll in

Great Yarmouth

Hayling Island

Woolacombe Bay




I have DJ'd and taught at events & Holidays in many countries, including…..



N. Ireland





As mentioned above I also put together  a 'Fun' class called 'Awesome-4-Some' which was a modern jive routine with two couples sharing moves and swapping partners (no it was not a 70s swingers party!!) The format and name is still being taught to this day.

The format was simple, arrive at a weekender on a Friday with nothing prepared in advance, devise a routine on the Saturday, teach it on the Sunday.  It had to be a good fun class with a great end move.