Jive Classes with Peter

My Jive teaching focus on….. 

50s R&R + Modern Jive [MJ - also called Leroc/Ceroc] 


Before my move to Mid Wales, I had over 17 years experience as a jive dancer/teacher/DJ in the South East

As well as running a popular club in South East I also worked at many major weekenders for Modern Jive, Rock'nRoll & Salsa.

As a Jive Teacher & DJ I have  taught in four of the main popular Jive formats

Modern Jive [Leroc/Ceroc] - 50s Rock'n'Roll - Swing Jive - Slow Jive/Blues

My weekend events include…….. 

Modern Jive [MJ] Weekenders - Camber, Southport, Bisley, I O W, Bognor Regis, Warmwell, Scarborough

MJ Dances & Workshops - Scotland, Manchester, Leeds, Portsmouth, London, Kent, Somerset, Midlands

MJ Classes - Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hastings, Hailsham, Twickenham, Llandovery, Newbridge on Wye

Rock & Roll Weekenders - Devon, Somerset, Norfolk, Surrey

R&R Classes/events - Hastings, Herstmonceux, Eastbourne, Twickenham, Horsham. Reading

Salsa Weekenders - Somerset & Norfolk

Working Overseas - Switzerland, Antigua & Spain


There is no dress code at any of my venues, smart casual is the norm, but the choice is yours

I was the first person to introduce & teach both 

Dips & Drops + Awesome Foursome Classes

At Modern Jive Weekenders & Events

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