Learn to Jive in Mid Wales

Modern Jive

(Also known as Ceroc or Leroc)

Swing Jive


1950s Rock & Roll

My Jive Clubs are….


The Castle Hotel


Adjacent to town car park, SY20 0AP

LLandovery Poster master



Wednesdays at

Pant-y-Dwr hall

Near Rhayader

Pant-y-Dwr Poster Winter 2018  Master



Jive Club

The Northcote Con Club  

Brecon Poster Oct 2018.jpg

A Three Week Jive Course in

Tywyn starting on 2nd Nov. 2018

Jive Class Poster Tywyn 1

Plus we have Regular monthly Dance nights

Our Jive Club dance nights featuring 

Classic 50s R&R, Swing Jive + Modern Jive dancing

Pant-y-Dwr Village Hall

These will be Video DJ nights

More info here

More information on my Jive Classes


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 You do not need to bring a partner

You do not need any 

previous dance experience

If you have two left feet 

you can still learn to Jive

My Learn to Jive nights 

Classes between 7.30 - 9.30

Jive practice from 9.30 - 10.00

Two  lessons suitable for...

 Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate or Advanced dancers

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My Weekend Jive Dance nights 

from 8.00 - 11.30.  A night of 

Classic 50s R&R

Classic Retro Swing

& Modern Jive Dancing

The story of Jive


It began with Lindy Hop in the 1930s

During WWII Jitterbug was introduced to UK

Then 50s Style Rock’n’Roll [R&R] Jive emerged 

Because of this guy 

(and many others)

There are two popular  styles of R&R dancing

Basic ‘Two arm Jive’ and

Jive with a Back Step  [Swing Jive]

R&R dancing tends to be more  Up-Tempo than MJ


Music for 50s Jive ranges from the obvious Classics 50s R&R gems with some  Swing etc.

Plus modern R&R tracks from some of the great bands on this thriving revival dance scene

Artists who began with R&R Like Shakin' Stevens from 70s or Jets from the 80s

Some great  Swing dance tracks, popular with MJ & Lindy Hop Dancers 

And of course the pick of modern up-Tempo tracks suitable for 50s style Jive Dancing

If you are a Dedicated R&R fan who feels only music from the 50s should be played at a Jive Clubs, then my nights are probably not for you, sorry


If you want to dance to Great music including some Up-Tempo music from a range of Genres 

[Inc. 50s R&R] then please come along and enjoy a great nights dancing


MODERN JIVE [Ceroc/Leroc]


Modern Jive [MJ] Leroc/Ceroc began in the 80s, grew popular in the 90s and continues to evolve and adapt.

It is mainly danced to Mid Tempo Popular music from the past 50 years, with no complicated footwork 

MJ is sometimes described as a fusion of various dance styles Swing - Salsa - R&R - Ballroom

In the early 60s, with the emergence of The Twist etc. partner dancing became ‘unfashionable’ in the UK, the French continued with Jive dancing which evolved into the basis of todays Modern Jive.

In the 80s a few Brits visiting France, saw this dance style & re-introduced Jive to the UK as Ce’Roc/Le’Roc

More info at the bottom of this page


My Jive nights are Suitable for all



Singles - Yes you can come alone 

Couples - Great fun together

Groups of friends - It can be a fun night out

With a partner?? - No Partner, No Problem

Keep Fit - Have Fun - Smile a lot!!


Learning  to Jive really is very easy.

Jive (50s R&R + Ceroc/Leroc Modern Jive)

Is possibly  the most popular social dance in the UK, with tens of thousands attending regular classes every week + numerous 

weekend events and dance holiday

Learning to Jive can open doors 

to a whole new social life


Jive is a LEAD & FOLLOW Dance Ladies can Lead,     [for the duration of the class please - no swapping mid way through] 

If you do not have a dance partner that REALLY is ok. The teaching format works for All. 

I teach in a  ‘Progressive Rotational Format’……        What is that???

The routine is ‘broken down’ to make it easy,  'Follows' start with a partner, then move on to next person.  

So every ‘lead' in the room dances with every ‘follow’

I am so pleased to be able to bring 

Modern Jive - R&R - Swing Jive 

to Mid-Wales

But no matter how good the teacher

how great the venue or how fantastic the music is……….

Without your support it is just an empty room waiting to happen

  So why lounge around with  nothing to do 

When you could be having fun Jive Dancing


At one of our 

Mid Wales Jive nights 


There is no need to get all Glamorous & dress like strictly 

The Dress Style is Smart - Casual - Comfortable



If you have seen 

Ballroom Jive on Strictly


The jive I teach is an easy going fun social dance

Ballroom Jive is nothing like 

Modern Jive or R&R Jive


 My Jive class 

nights are all

 Pay on the door 'pop in events'

There is no need to pre book dance our class nights 

Just turn up 

& Join in 

If you miss a few weeks 

that is ok.



Smooth soled shoes 

(not trainers or heels) 

Are best for  Jiving 

If in doubt bring a spare pair with you [I do]

Jive Dancing

Get Fit

Have Fun

Make Friends

Spread the Word

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