50s Rock Roll

1955 - 1959

I have  been a 50s R&R video DJ for many years and have a great selection of music & music video covering this genre, including 50s R&B + Doo Wop. As a regular DJ on the UK R&R circuit for almost 10 years I have plenty of knowledge & experience for 50s R&R events or parties

So if you are having a 50s themed night or even a R&R party 

I can provide non stop Rock'n'Roll music with unique & rare R&R videos

Obviously the music mix could include dance floor classics from 60s 70s 80s etc. 

It's your party, you choose.

A small sample of my 50s R&R videos including classics from the era plus the cream of todays artists

1950s Rock & Roll 

1950s Sample Video - 1950s Rock & Roll 

Si Cranstoun who should become a major star very soon

Guy Mitchell with his 1956 No.1 Singing The Blues

Kitty Daisy & Lewis - 'Going up the Country' a popular R&R Jiver

This is one of the most popular tracks at The Winning Post Rock’n’Roll Club, which I ran for over 10 years 

Champion Jack Dupree - Shake your mother for ya 

(It sounds on first hearing like he may be singing some other words)